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Blump 1994-2001
This is where it all started.
I wanted to play in a band and talked to Hans and Jimmy about it. Me and Jimmy went to a Guitar course and learned to play old swedish folk songs and not a single Iron Maiden solo!
We asked Viktor to join us and soon we were a complete band playing Anarchy in the UK, Breaking the law and a couple of own punk songs. Then we got our first gig!
I didn't feel that I could "sing" while playing guitar so Viktor asked Stefan from Nocomen to sing for us at the gig and we tried a song that he had written (I think it was Metamorph of evil") and then he stayed with the band.

So we did a couple of gigs and recorded a demo which was so good in our ears and waited for the major breakthrough.. which of course never happend. So we recorded another demo and on our third demo Daniel (Nocomen) joined the band and played keybord.

After our third demo Viktor left the band to focus on his hardoreproject Section 8 who were quite successful and Magnus from Receiver & Wendy joined but it didn´t take long until Urban from Proud took his place.

We recorded 2 CD-R demos and then we quit due to musical difrences and lack of interest.

Hans Johansson - Drums
Mattias Frisk - Guitar
Jimmy Johansson - Guitar
Viktor Gustafasson - Bass 1994 - 1997
Stefan Vedeja - Vocals
Daniel Hansson - Keyboard
Magnus Samuelsson - Bass 1997
Urban Hermansson - Bass 1997 - 2001

Syphonies of agony demo - 1995
Lost landscapes demo - 1996
Completion septenary demo - 1997
Blump s/t demo - 1999
The curchbell has been hung - 2001

Holocaust - Syphonies of agony
View over vast lands - Lost landscapes
The Twilight of many twilights - Completion..
Communion come - Blump 1999
A downward flight - The churchbell has been