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M.Frisk 2007 -
In early 2007 I did some jamming with Altar of flies an Gjalp over a couple of beers and some drinks. It all ended up in massive noice and destruction and a hangover the day after. It could have ended there as stupid drunk recording but Mattias in Altar of flies thought that the recording was really good so he decided that we should release it and he had a requst from a company that wanted to release some Altar of flies songs. I bought myself some recording equppment and some contact microphones and decided to do some stuff on my own. Soon i realized that the songs I made had a lot in common with my art, (most with the mixed media pieces) and I really got into it and the result is the CD-R/Tape "En dag i väntan på livet"
(something like "one day, waiting for the life")

The whole foundation for the music is the expressive and the contrast within the songs.


Mattias Frisk
M.Frisk En dag i väntan på livet CDR/Tape / Hästen & Korset 2007/DIY
KRIG PEST SVÄLT DÖD - collab with Altar of flies & Gjalp / Nil by mouth 2007
Split med altar of flies CDR 40 ex / hästen och korset 2007
Ett liv i väntan på döden CDR 2007 DIY The Return 2009 CDR Insult
Död i väntan på liv 2009 Tape Econore

Kvittermaskin - En dag I väntan på livet