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The Jam Session 1998 -

The band was founded in 1998 and have a
bunch of releases out (7", 12", CD, splits,
cassette...) in the d.i.y underground on various labels. (Release the bats, Bridge,
Insect, Crucificados, Fuckedupsunday, Dempe...)

Since the very beginning back in 1998 THE JAM SESSION has been on a neverending quest for doing our own thing, which has lead us on strange paths in heavy and experimental music. Going thru the whole catalogue of releases you'll find everything from insane hardcore, progressive punk and doomy dark metal. It was never our goal
to make it as strange as possible, it´s just our way to deal with the smalltown boredom and the result of 5 different individuals trying to express themself as one unit. The Band has been on ice since 2007.

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The Jam Session - Suffer the loss

The Jam Session Releases:

När mörkret väller över / Att skingra det mörker som betäcker landet (Tape 2007)

När mörkret väller över (CD 2006)
När mörkret väller över
On knees we crawl
Heavy is the burden
Nothing but scars
Suffer the loss
Death on the horizon
Burning dawn
Close to the end

Att skingra det mörker som betäcker landet (LP 2003)
Universal feedback
Ignite & take charge
The hypocrisy
Two hours
Visions of a dead world
Choke absorber

Yellow mica (CD / LP 2002)
The angel with yhe golden arm
One funeral to many
Caught on the flood with no captain in sight
He will use the stars for directions
Nothing changes everything is still fucked!
Blood on the leafes
Fingers down the throat
Is there more to life than this?
Monkeys on fire (Members of tinnitus remix)

Split w/ Kinetic Crash Cooperation (7" 2002)
the straight a´s test
vultures. fear and the trail of blood
the muzzle attack (manhuntr remix)

The Cure tribute (split 7" 2002)
killing an arab
siamese twins

When the filthy limbs decay (10" 2001)
1. eating disorder and meatcleaver surgery
2. take this job and shove it upa cats ass (couse I dont´t give a rats ass)
3. the labrador didn´t get his drivers license. discrimination?
4. the muzzle attack
5. monkeys on fire
6. digital bears with remotecontroles $4.99
7. no shampoo can cure the silver dandruff
8. goats go to hell seep goe to heaven
9. when the filthy limbs decay
10. true romance (thuernman remix)
11.I bought a tablet box with chocolate angels. I can assure you that it wasn´t cat-gold

Split w/ Switchblade (7" 2000)
bite my lips off with liqorice razorblades
my situation is getting desperate
there are no polarbears on the streets of sweden
life savings can´t be compared to lost youth
welcome to the crime scene

Shape of shit to come (4-way split LP 1999)
the chessman tries the moody jamaican pepper
true romance
food dollars and maybe just gas
the mask

S/t (7" 1998)
whipe that ugly smile of your face
I don´t need a gun to prove I´m a man
home sweet home
wild heart activists
NO:1 girls aren´t always happy
mammuth was a fitsy
we have chosen
the hangman´s snooze
join our fight
I´m staying where I´m staying
Hope never dies
TJS gives you the truth right in your face
Rather 20 then ugly and 40
the guyes who takes the shit

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